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All handdrawn imageset for SimuTrans
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What is SimuTrans?
Simutrans is a free transport simulation game that is available for Win32, Linux and BeOS systems on PC and OS X on Intel Mac. Simutrans is originally written by Hansjoerg Malthaner and currently maintained by the Simutrans Team.

What do I need to play SimuTrans?
You need at least the game engine and one imageset (also called pak) to play.

Where can I download SimuTrans?
SimuTrans can be downloaded from the SimuTrans Forum.
Stable version     Latest development version

Where can I download imagesets?
There are several imagesets available. The original, called pak64, is based on 64x64 pixel tiles. There is also pak128, which is based on 128x128 pixel tiles. Pak64 and pak128 are considered 'official' and are well developed. There are some spinoffs: pakGerman, pakJapan, AboSet (all 64x64). Recently some new imagesets are developed: pak96 and pakHD (both based on 96x96 pixel tiles).

The 'official' imagesets can be downloaded from the SimuTrans Forum.
    >>     Stable versions (pak64 & pak128)     Latest development version (pak64 & pak128)
Links to the other imagesets:
    64x64 >>     pakGerman     pakJapan     AboSet
    96x96 >>     pak96     pakHD